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There may be times when you need your admin Schedule to be as clean and simple as possible, and other times when you need to see more detail.

Pet Sitter Plus gives you the option to Show or Hide Details on the Schedule. This will allow you to view:

  • basic information about your visits (such as the time, service, staff)

  • more detailed information (such as staff notes)

  • and even more details (such as client charges, staff compensation, invoice notes, a link to the service order/invoice, and revenue for the given time period)


This makes it easy to make administrative changes to services directly from your Schedule, or view important financial information quickly. 

See Default Service Detail to learn more about defaulting the service details on the Schedule. You can choose to always show or hide details, show staff notes, and display client name, pet name, or both.

How Do I Show and Hide Details on the Schedule?



            ON DESKTOP



Navigate to Scheduler > Schedule > Column View


  • The default Column View of the Schedule includes basic service details

    • time/time block for the service​

    • service short description

    • staff

    • client and/or pet name

    • service status markers (acknowledged/completed/service report/key)

  • The "Detail" indicator allows you to show more detail by clicking the "+" sign 


  • To display more details on the Schedule, i.e. any Staff Notes, click the "+" sign next to "Detail" in the upper right corner of the Schedule

    • Note that you can toggle between more-detail and less-detail by clicking the "+" and "-" signs


  • To display even more details, click the "+" sign for "Detail" (a second time) in the upper right corner of the Schedule

  • The most detail will include:

    • client charge

    • staff compensation

    • revenue for the day, and revenue for the time period displayed on the Schedule (Week, Month, etc)

    • invoice notes

    • and links to the client's service order and quote/invoice, in addition to the other details already shown above

         ON MOBILE





  • Tap the Navigator, and select Scheduler > Schedule > Column View



  • The default Column View will display basic details about the service, such as:

    • the time or time block

    • the short service description

    • the staff name and client name

    • and the service indicators (Acknowledge/Completed markers, Service Report marker, and Key icon)



  • Tap the "+" sign next to "Detail" to reveal:

    • Staff Notes​

  • Tap the "-" sign to return to the previous level of detail



  • Tap the "+" sign next to "Detail" a second time to reveal more service details on the schedule, such as:

    • Invoice Notes

    • Client charges and Staff compensation

    • Revenue figures for the day and for the time period set on the schedule

  • Click the "-" sign to return to the previous level of detail


Pet Software Ltd provides a market leading scheduling and billing solution for Pet Sitters, Dog Walkers, Dog Day Care Centres and Kennels. Pet Sitter Plus helps pet sitters to spend more time with pets and less time on administration.

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